Spectra SOS

Spectra SOS is designed to be there for you in any emergency situation.

Emergency evacuation
You will enjoy added protection with emergency vehicles or any other appropriate means of transport being dispatched immediately. The vehicles and aircraft are manned by professional healthcare personnel and are equipped with the most appropriate equipment needed for medical emergency treatment.

In an emergency, if medicines to treat you or your family are not available locally, the emergency call centre will arrange for medicine or blood products to be delivered to the medical facility where you are being treated.

Should minors or frail companions be left stranded due to a medical emergency situation, a companion will be arranged to accompany them to a place of safety.

Crisis Line
Staff manning the Crisis Line take control of emergency situations and will ensure that you receive the most appropriate assistance in your time of need. You can phone the crisis line in case of:

  • Attack
  • Hijack
  • House break-in
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trauma counselling
  • Monitoring callers’ movements when requested.

Emergency Health Assist
Emergency Health Assist will provide appropriate first aid advice to offer assistance until medical help arrives.

Our trained nurses can also assist you in case of poisoning. They will address the immediate long-term needs and will advise whether it is necessary to go to a medical facility. An ambulance will be dispatched if the patient is critical and in need of immediate critical care.