5 reasons for choosing Spectramed medical scheme

  1. Spectramed is a Next Generation™ medical scheme
    Spectramed's Next Generation™ benefit options offer you the best of the traditional/hybrid- and savings medical scheme funding models. Depending on your chosen benefit option, certain day-to-day benefits are paid from your My Saver™ account, and certain day-to-day benefits will be paid from a unique Benefit Booster™. This means that these specified day-to-day benefits will be paid by the Scheme, and your My Saver™ account balance will not be affected.
    View our Benefit Option schedules for more information!
  2. Unique benefit options for your unique healthcare requirement
    Whether you choose to subscribe to Spectra Cobalt or Spectra Aqua, Spectramed provides a generous variety of healthcare cover that caters for your and your dependants’ unique healthcare needs. Whether you require simple cover for a hospital stay, or extensive cover for day-to-day medical needs, we have the correct Spectra cover for you! 
  3. Spectramed medical scheme surpasses half a century of healthcare cover experience
    Spectramed embodies a rich history of more than 50 years in the medical schemes industry. Originating in 1957 as a restricted scheme solely for the printing industry in South Africa, we became a commercial scheme in 1997. Therefore, your healthcare cover is in trusted, expert and experienced hands.
  4. Spectramed has a strong and stable solvency ratio
    A reliable ratio to measure a company’s ability to meet long-term obligations is by means of its solvency ratio. This provides a measure of how likely a company is to meet its debt obligations.
    As per the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), a medical scheme’s solvency ratio has to meet the required level of 25%. Spectramed currently exceeds this required level, and also boasts a sturdy amount of financial reserves. This clearly indicates our financial ability to provide the long-term healthcare cover that you and your family deserve.
  5. Spectramed is a medical scheme for members, managed by members
    Spectramed is owned by its members and is directed by a Board of Trustees, which is appointed by the members of the Scheme. Our Board of Trustees also consists of Spectramed members, elected at the Scheme’s Annual General Meeting – this indicates that Spectramed is a medical scheme that is built on a foundation of trust and reliability. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the successful running of the Scheme. They make sure that the Scheme always does the right things for the right reasons when it comes to your and your family’s healthcare cover.